We're a band of bards solving mysteries
while we're out on tour.
We promise that you won't be bored—
it's the Bardic Mystery Tour!

© 2018 Bardic Mystery Tour


Made in Pittsburgh, PA


We play an all-bard D&D campaign complete with original music! It's an actual-play recording of a home-brewed story created by our DM. We put out a new episode every Monday and you can find us wherever you download podcasts.

Our story arcs are pretty self-contained, so if you don't want to start all the way at the beginning, you can easily start at any A episode!



There are three full-time bards on our show: Sammy, Grungo, & Flo. They are all members of the band Antler Mayhem, and their childhood friend, Dirk, is their band manager. They travel around on tour playing shows and solving mysteries along the way.


Sammy is a rock gnome and is the drummer for the band. He's all about the music and making sure the show happens. Grungo is a half-orc and plays a cursed lute in the band. He's in it for the destruction and gold. Flo is a wood elf and is the singer/cellist for the band. She's mainly concerned with helping people and solving mysteries.

—character art by @skidspace


Sammy is played by Brayton who, in real life, plays guitar, ukulele, and drums.

Grungo is played by a method actor who, in real life, plays guitar and synths.

Flo is played by Emily who, in real life, plays guitar, ukulele, and cello.

Dirk (and all the other NPCs) are played by Edd who, in real life, plays bass.

—character art by @skidspace


Occasionally we have guests! Sometimes they have things to promote:


Sean played Theodore in our Euphreta story arc.

He is the bassist in the band Böttlerät.

Derek played Buford in our Garagramosh story arc.

He runs Burning Bridges Comedy Club.

Sam played Rhoda in our Ipii story arc.

She runs the Weekend Zach Instagram.

Jon played Jimmy Piss in our Ipii story arc.

He is the guitarist in the band Fuck Yeah Dinosaurs.

Phran was our first guest DM.

He is the oldest brother of Brayton & Edd.

Dan played Brauwon in our Opir Magna story arc.

He is the band leader for Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six.

Brayton the Elder was a co-DM in our Prindeys-Dooinnalys story arc.

He is on the drum Muddy Creek Singers.

If you like to swear, donate to the International Dark Skies Association.

Chris played a guest monk in our Q'ar Wuraan story arc.

He is the owner of Helicon Brewing in Oakdale.
We made a collaboration beer with him: Tree Trunk Brown Ale!
It will be available at Helicon 09.24.19 while supplies last!

Nora played a guest bard in our Verdant Sanctum story arc.

She is one of our very musical friends.

Jesse played as a guest bard in our Westgate story arc.

He is the party bard in the Knights of the Arcade.

They typically play the last Saturday of every month if you want to support them!