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Complete with original music, you say? It's true! We write songs about our D&D quests and make them available to you on Bandcamp. You'll hear at least one new song a month in addition to our growing collection of spell songs.

Check out some of our full-length songs from our first three seasons below! From Chelsea is the album from our first year. Seasides & B-Sides is from our second season. Illithid Content is from our third season. Untitled is from our fourth season which is currently in progress, and the album will keep growing, so check back often!

In addition to the songs we write about our quests​, we also write spell songs and bardic ability songs. Since a combat round is only six seconds, these songs are much shorter. We've got an album for each of our three main characters as well as an album of spells created and recorded by our guest bards! Check them out below:

And hey, watch our music video for our first ska hit, Gelatinous Rudeboi:

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